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Frequently Asked Questions about Appliances

  • My Appliance is very noisey?
  • A, typically the bearings are shot!

  • My machine jumps too much?
  • A, try adjusting the feet & less load!
  • My Machine is not spinning, is this a motor problem?
  • A, Could be, but may be belt or brushes aswell! 
  • My machine is over 20 years old, it this still worth repair?
  • A, sometimes if you have sentiment for the machine
  • My Cooker does not heat up, how much it will be to fix?
  • A, if the element then from £68
Brand Specific Problems & Rough Price Guide

Washing Machines
repairs will cost
£49-£58+ Parts

£68(integral)+ Parts

under 12 years, depends on Usage but probably Yes! 
Common Problems No Spin No Drain & Not Taking Conditioner!
( all occur at about 5-7 years if you use 4-5 times per week. We recommend a service £98inclusive Parts/Labour).

Under 12 years,depends on Usage but probably Yes!
Common Problems No Spin No Drain
(belt /brushes or Pump £68-£78)
If 3-10 years probably 
Common Problems No Spin No Drain & Leaking (any 1 £68-£78)

over 5 years Yes

if your hotpoint washing machine is noisey or all lights are flashing(hotpoint charge £100ish labour but parts are free, Under 5 years contact manufacturers for their 5 year Parts guarantee

if your machine is not draining or door seal leaking, more effectice to call us.
Common Problems No Spin No Drain & Module/Bearing (module and bearing probs.can be expensive ££££££££)
Beko,Servis and others not mentioned
not great machines, depends on fault.

Cooker Ovens 

Typically Ovens Hobs and Cookers under 12 years are suitable for repairing,
if thermostat £78-£98 inclusive(over heats) 
Heater/Element £83.50 inclusive(no heat) 
Fan & motor £98-£118 inclusive (doesn't reach temp)

We only repair
Bosch, Neff & Siemens

Repair any bosch neff or siemens dishwasher if under 10 years!
Common problems: not finishing cycle, not filling, not heating, leaking from front, keeps gurgling/pumping even with door open. not dissolving tablets

Tumble dryers Some are depends on Part needed
(no heat) Heater or stats £58-£88
(no tumble) timer, motor, belt, relay or capacitor £58-£135
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